The Slave below The Heavens

A maiden of mansion,
She has the prettiest face.
No lines of tension on her forehead,
Always smiling throughout the day.
She entertains all of them,
The guests and even the hosts.
With her they play one sided games,
Their wives do nothing but loath.
She gets a day off on every weekend,
To clean herself and for being fragrant again.
So that more bees can steal her nectar,
Just like they do from a lavender.
In the middle of the night,
When the moon is covered with heavy clouds.
When the thunder is loud and heavy rain is falling down.
The maiden stands still on the courtyard.
As the rain washes her sins and beats down the ground.
She looks up into the sky,
The moonlight pierces the dark clouds.
And just when her soul was about to die,
The moonshine pierced through her foul soul.
Her face was glittery like diamond's dust,
Reflecting even the moonlight's lust.
It is as if the heavens had a hold of her breathing.
And maybe she cried and maybe she didn't.
She became an angel rig…

Shape of My Past

I remembered being called a loser,
I remembered being called fat,
I remembered being called annoying,
I remembered my parents calling me a failure,
I once was a boy who was trying to predict his future,
When my present was messed up,
I used to talk to myself all night
Thinking how after growing up I'll fix my problems and be a guy that everyone likes.
But even back then I was trapped in my body, It wasn't letting me do anything.
I used to be motivated for some hours and after a while, All the hate used to get to my head.
I would lose all motivation, Back then I regretted not getting out of that body.
Tried to help myself but I was all alone,
All I needed was someone who could understand,
- Suchan Sunar


I want to know,
Is there someone inside of me,
I want to go,
Take me to him, please let me see.

My yesterdays are locked within myself,
We're not one but forced to share this body.
I am empty, too weak to confront him, all by myself.
He is my past, I am his present but our differences are clear and sturdy.

He wants to take over and succeeding isn't impossible for him,
He is the darkness which no light can penetrate, it's unimaginable to overcome.
I don't remember ever being him,
He is something I do not wish to become.

He is imprisoned in my mind,
Shackled to the wall with all my memories.
The memories which are neither his, nor mine,
They belong to the circumstances which are now forgotten stories.

I can hear him whisper in my sleep,
He calls me an abnormality, wants me to disappear.
I know he is not incorrect, somewhere deep.
But I cannot let him cast me away, I have feelings, I want to live.

A melody of longing

Far across the distance,
Lies my home.
I need no assistance,
I am used to being alone.

I am a traveler,
You see, I don't live my life by rules.
I am my own governor,
My hands and legs are my strongest tools.

I don't have to worry getting lost,
Anywhere I set foot in, is a new home.
Here all alone, I only have myself to trust,
It's actually better this way, to be a stranger, someone unknown.

I don't have to meet other's expectations anymore,
I am no longer bound by the norms like before.

Cycle of life

Our pasts shape our peasant,
Makes a leader out of a peasant.
Future is determined by today's actions.
Fury of today may become tomorrow's destruction.

Every action has its repercussions,
Even destruction gives birth to creations.
Extinction gives rise to the cause of protection,
Just like our needs gave rise to the invention.

We understand the worth of something when it's gone.
With every defeat or loss,
Acknowledging our weaknesses makes us strong.
Some may believe that our fates are already drawn.
I believe that we already have the whole set of colors.
To paint our fates

A stranger's story

I have very little memory of my home, my father and mother are unknown to me, I don't remember their faces. What I can remember is a tragedy most would say, but to me it was confusing. I was abducted by people when I was very young. They blindfolded my eyes and stuffed my mouth with clothes which tasted like dirt and salt. I was taken to a truck, with a large container where I heard quivering sounds, they sounded just like the sounds I was making. There were many other children just like me. There were two trucks, one filled with male children and the other one was filled with female children. Before closing the shutters they sprayed some kind of gas which made me very sleepy, and I assume it made others feel the same way.

Waking up I found my self and the others locked together in a cage. It was so dark that I could hardly see the floor, it was damp and smelled like moss. our hands and feet were tied together. Right beside my cage, there was another in which many boys were locke…

24 hours on LSD

I've always thought of reality as the prison of my mind,
Tired to see the world go by me, unable to rewind.
Haunted by desires, thoughts clogged, memory sluggish,
Just like hooks setup with bait to catch me like some fat fish.

I run around and round nowhere to hide,
But then I found the acid to my life,
Taking it may destroy my mind,
But it was too late for me to decide.

LSD became the path towards enlightened,
I locked away my insanity and it made me infected.
Infected of its vision which I was too afraid to look at,
Now with this, I can finally forget that I've been sad.

The feelings never leave us, they become a part of our shadows,
Now I know why it is so dark, the path toward the gallows.
It's because of the darkness we leave behind, which eventually unites into one,
And in the end, it grows into something which you cannot outrun.

With every passing hour, I need, the need for more,
The poison of this addiction, I have come to adore.
I need nothing else in this world …